16 June 2022
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Viral marketing with humour: heycar draws attention with #heyvindjetoon challenge

  • The e-commerce platform heycar has been offering quality used cars in the Netherlands since December 2021; a humorous campaign is now publicising and promoting the offer.
  • The #heyvindjetoon challenge attracts attention with a raffle of a Volkswagen Tiguan worth more than 50,000 euros – challenge participants try to imitate car sounds.
  • Popular influencers such as Tim Coronel, Steven Kazan and Lola Pani spread the word about the campaign via their TikTok and Instagram channels, reaching more than 500,000 impressions.
  • The idea for the campaign comes from Oliver Schrott Kommunikation from Cologne, Germany.

The Netherlands, 16 June 2022. “Vrooom vroom”, “Brrrrrr” or “Tshhhh”: what do Dutch peoples’ favourite cars sound like? The #heyvindjetoon challenge by heycar is focusing on vehicle sounds in an amusing way. Anyone who posts a video of themselves imitating a car sound has the chance to win a Volkswagen Tiguan with a value of more than 50,000 euros. The viral marketing campaign of heycar.nl, the e-commerce platform for high-quality used cars, starts today and runs until 30 June. It is intended to spread and increase awareness of the heycar brand and the offer in the Netherlands. The global PR and communications agency Oliver Schrott Kommunikation, headquartered in Cologne, Germany, is responsible for the campaign idea and its implementation.

A valuable prize, influencers with a broad reach, and a funny idea

A great high-value prize, well-known influencers with high and broad reach, and a funny idea that motivates people to participate – these are the ingredients that make the #heyvindjetoon challenge successful. The idea: participants mimic the engine noise of a car with their voices and make a video of themselves doing it. What’s important in the challenge is not imitating the car sound as accurately as possible – every participant ends up in the raffle.

Those who do not want to post a video of themselves can still take part in the competition: by registering as a participant on heycar.nl, you will automatically be entered into the raffle. Those who also correctly answer a question about the prize vehicle increase their chances fivefold. Participants with a video are in an even better position: those who upload a car sound imitation video improve their chance of winning tenfold. The #heyvindjetoon challenge will run until 30 June 2022 and the winner will be announced on
7 July on social media.

“With heycar.nl, we provide a user-friendly, holistic online experience for buying high-quality used cars. Customers can find their perfect dream car quickly and easily – including warranty and with bespoke financing and services,” says heycar Group CEO Florian Schlieper. “With our offer, we want to appeal to a broad target group in the Netherlands, and we designed the campaign to be accordingly dynamic and attention-grabbing.”

Tim Coronel, Steven Kazan, and Lola Pani lead the way

Inspiration for funny car sounds is provided by influencers on the social media platforms TikTok and Instagram. The influencers include young content creators like Steven Kazan and Lola Pani, and the well-known racing driver Tim Coronel, who also post their own #heyvindjetoon sounds during the competition in order to reach the largest possible target group. Other content creators such as Pascal Kerpel, Steven Kazan, Michelle Fleur, and Maria Tailor support this goal and increase the reach by sharing related content on their channels.

In addition, a video providing a sneak peek preview of the potential outcomes also attracts attention. The video is a compilation from a preliminary survey conducted among Dutch citizens who spontaneously took part in the #heyvindjetoon challenge and imitated a car noise, each in their own funny way – from a low growl to a shrill whistle, they were fully engaged.

All media and distribution channels link to the landing page of the challenge: https://campaign.heycar.nl/

An attractive prize: A high-quality SUV

The Volkswagen Tiguan being raffled off is a hybrid SUV worth more than 50,000 euros. It was built in 2021, only has around 11,000 kilometres on it, has a one-year warranty, and is given to the winner with a full tank and fully charged battery. This SUV highlights heycar’s high quality and service standards.

heycar.nl: One-stop shop for buying used cars

heycar is a used car platform with an all-round carefree approach. On heycar.nl, customers can quickly and easily find high-quality, inspected vehicles from certified dealers with a warranty, a full tank of petrol and delivery directly to their home. No car is older than eight years, and none of the cars have been driven more than 150,000 kilometres. A comprehensive 128-point check ensures uniformly high-quality standards. The purchase includes a one-year warranty and free maintenance for six months or a maximum of 7,500 kilometres. Customers can also find financing offers directly on the platform. A 14-day return policy completes the all-round carefree offer on heycar.nl.

About the heycar Group

The heycar Group (Mobility Trader Holding GmbH) bundles all heycar national companies. Shareholders are Volkswagen Financial Services AG, Volkswagen AG, Mercedes-Benz Mobility, Allianz, and the Renault Group and its subsidiary, RCI Bank and Services. heycar is the fastest growing platform for quality used cars in the European automotive industry. Since 2017, we have been providing our customers a user-friendly and advertising-free online platform for inspected used cars of all classes and well-known brands. The financing and insurance offers of our partners are deeply integrated into our services. We aim to revolutionise the way people buy and experience cars. We are data-driven and always put our customers at the centre of everything we do. We are active in Germany, the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, and France and are expanding into new markets. The heycar Group headquarters are in Berlin. Florian Schlieper is the CEO of the heycar Group, and Oscar Bülow is the CFO.