heycar Markets

heycar is one of the fastest growing platforms for quality used cars in the Europe.  

Today, we connect customers, dealers and car brands in five countries. Following an ambitious launch in Germany in October 2017, the company successfully launched in UK and Spain in 2019 and 2020 respectively. We had our latest launches in the Netherlands, an e-commerce pilot, in November 2021 and France in December 2021.  The heycar headquarters, heycar Group, is based in Berlin, Germany.

heycar Germany

  • Launch: October 2017 
  • Office in Berlin

heycar UK

  • Launch: August 2019   
  • Office in London

heycar Spain

  • Launch: November 2020 
  • Office in Barcelona

heycar France

  • Launch: December 2021 
  • Office in Paris 

heycar Netherlands

  • Pilot Launch: November 2021